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Ortiz Group Engineering and Construction Services is a family corporation founded on 1998. The corporation is a General Contractor and A/E services provider with an enphasis in Comercial / Industrial projects. Partners had been related to this market for the past 25 years.

Throughout our history, we have pursued perfection in all our projects, our relationships and our conduct across the countless communities in which we live and work. And it's something we aspire to on a daily basis. How we reach for this lofty goal is what sets us apart, it's what makes us different. It's our unwavering commitment in our pursuit of building perfection.

Back USCG Swimming Pool Facilities Renovation

Contract No  HSCG82-10-R-PMVA20
Contract Cost  $268,661
Location  Bayamon USCG Housing Complex
Completion Date  February, 2010
Owner  USCG CEU Miami
References  Odalys McGee, Contracting Officer Tel: 305-278-6696
Description  Work include rehabilitation and resurfacing of the existing swimming and wading pool interior surface, rehabilitation and resurfacing of the existing swimming pood deck and walkway, replacement of existing swimming pool underwater lighting and the replacement of existing metal doors and frames in the mechanical, chemical and equipment rooms.





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